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Take your business where other law firms can’t. AI, technology, alternative medicine, and psychedelic industries are here to stay, and you need regulatory expertise to get and stay ahead. Expect sound legal advice alongside passionate business expertise that drives your growth forward.

Your business deserves more than just legal support. Future-proof your operations so you can keep innovating from ideation to a lucrative exit.

Why does your emerging industry need a specialized law team? Emerging industries require intuitive and experienced lawyers due to their unique regulatory challenges, complex contractual needs, and intensive intellectual property considerations. With deep industry knowledge, we navigate emerging regulatory landscapes, mitigate legal risks, and draft tailored contracts that protect your interests as your business grows.

Turning Your Legal Department Into a Profit-Center

Our services go beyond
what big law firms offer.

As entrepreneurs, we are committed to providing legal services that not only meet your needs but also contribute to your success as your field grows. Below is a short list of services available to professionals in cannabis, ketamine, AI, alternative medicine, technology, and any industry that demands a precise and tailored approach to law.

You won’t have to struggle alone through disputes surrounding industry-specific legal issues. LumaLex lawyers facilitate your growth-stage efforts by structuring deals and ensuring compliance with securities laws. Our expertise is essential for guiding emerging industries like yours through legal complexities, fostering growth, and ensuring long-term sustainability.

Go beyond the limitations with a team that’s dedicated to securing your growth in lucrative markets. When your innovation meets our seal of legal approval, the results are explosive.


Choosing the right business entity can be an overwhelming decision that affects the long-term viability of your organization.

We guide you through the legal process of choosing the right business registration (LLC, Corp., etc.) for your company, ensuring you optimize taxes and protect your personal and professional assets while securing a path to growth.

Ironclad contracts are the foundation of any successful business, but in emerging industries, the legal landscape can be particularly murky. Our skilled team doesn't just draft generic contracts; we craft customized agreements meticulously tailored to your industry needs.

From cannabis and ketamine clinics to cutting-edge AI and blockchain ventures, we provide comprehensive protection against unforeseen challenges often encountered in evolving markets, ensuring your business and team thrive in the face of uncertainty.

Don't let zoning roadblocks stall your growth stage! Our legal team possesses an in-depth understanding of the intricate nuances of local zoning regulations specific to your industry and location.

We work closely with you to secure the perfect space for your business and ensure your operations comply with all relevant local and state-wide frameworks.

Making informed decisions about potential partnerships or acquisitions is critical in any business venture, but navigating the murky waters of emerging industries requires even greater scrutiny. Our team of legal and financial experts meticulously examines the health of potential partners or acquisitions, uncovering potential risks and maximizing your chances of a successful deal.

Even in complex fields like psychedelic substance law, our comprehensive due diligence process empowers you to make informed decisions with confidence and attract the brightest minds to your team.

The most successful deals in emerging industries are often those with creative and strategic structures. Our team goes beyond the standard approach, crafting innovative deal structures that optimize value and mitigate potential risks.

Whether facing complex legalities or navigating an uncharted regulatory environment, we ensure a successful outcome for your venture, even as new laws and regulations threaten how your business is done.

As experienced entrepreneurs, we understand the challenges faced by trailblazers navigating the complexities of emerging industries. That's why we leverage our experience as seasoned advisors to collaborate with you in designing a scalable corporate structure.

Our tailored approach fosters sustainable growth, minimizes risk exposure, and positions your company to attract investors seeking stability and a clear path to success.

Finding compliant commercial space amidst ever-changing regulations can be a daunting task for businesses in emerging industries. We navigate the complexities of local zoning ordinances and licensing requirements to secure the perfect location for your AI lab, cannabis dispensary, or ketamine clinic.

Our proactive approach ensures you operate legally and profitably from day one, avoiding costly delays and potential shutdowns due to non-compliance. Remember—your growth tomorrow depends on good decisions today.

We provide an in-depth analysis of local zoning laws specific to your industry and location, ensuring your business complies with all regulations and avoids permitting issues that threaten your growth stage.

A comprehensive approach today minimizes the risk of permitting issues and allows you to focus on scaling your business within a compliant and profitable environment.

What is regulatory compliance? It’s knowing what it takes to win in your field. We advise you on complex and evolving regulations specific to your industry, keeping your business compliant and avoiding fines, delays, or legal trouble from competitors.

Furthermore, LumaLex law is unique in providing in-depth business experience specific to your industry that keeps you informed about the latest regulations and proactively mitigating risks associated with non-compliance.

Mergers and acquisitions can unlock exciting new growth opportunities, but navigating the complexities of these transactions in technology and pharmacology industries requires experienced legal and business guidance.

Our team possesses a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by companies in these sectors. We act as your trusted advisors throughout the entire M&A process, ensuring a smooth and successful transaction that unlocks the full potential of your business and positions you for ongoing success as your industry grows.

Protecting your intellectual property (patents, trademarks, copyrights) is essential for gaining a competitive edge in any emerging market. We define and safeguard your intellectual property (patents, trademarks, copyrights) through strategic filing and enforcement strategies, giving you the confidence and clarity to blaze ahead in new markets.

Tom Dean

States Licensed: AZ


Tom Dean has been an attorney advocate for nationwide cannabis policy reform for over 25 years. As Legal Director for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) he initiated, managed, and litigated important cannabis related cases of national importance to the cannabis industry/community. In that capacity, he also coordinated the efforts of the NORML Legal Committee (lifetime member) and NORML Amicus Committee (former chair) in key cases throughout the U.S.  In 2015 the organization recognized his successful advocacy by inducting him into the NORML Distinguished Counsel’s Circle. He remains an active member of the NORML Legal Committee.

In 2016, Tom received the President’s Commendation award from the Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice (AACJ). In 2020, Tom received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Errl Cup, a medical marijuana event producer which includes Arizona’s premier cannabis awards festival (30,000 attendees this year).

In 2021, Tom received Mikel Weiser Lifetime Achievement Award from Arizona’s Marijuana Industry Trade Association (MITA). Most recently, in 2023, Tom was honored by NORML with its Al Horn Award, which the organization awards to an attorney each year to in “recognition of a lifetime of ceaseless work to advance the cause of justice” in cannabis law.

Tom was a founding member of the Arizona Cannabis Bar Association (ACBA), an organization that seeks to educate lawyers and the public of the many unique aspects of cannabis law and emerging cannabis related areas of practice. He continues to serve on the board of ACBA. Outside of his practice, Tom enjoys, among other things, presenting at cannabis related seminars and conferences for lawyers and the public.

Joshua Sanderlin

Of Counsel
States Licensed: MD, D.C.

Joshua Sanderlin is an experienced cannabis attorney and government affairs expert barred in Maryland and the District of Columbia. He has worked in the cannabis industry since 2013. At that time, he was an attorney and lobbyist at a large, global law firm. His experience working with clients in the earliest legal cannabis market in the U.S. sparked his interest in the field and motivated him to leave big law for the world of cannabis.

Since then, he has served as a lawyer and consultant to clients working in markets across the country, including seven states and the District of Columbia. His experience has given him a wide breadth of knowledge on issues touching the industry and, just as importantly, expanded his network to include experts from all across the industry. Having worked on cannabis issues in a variety of settings, Joshua understands that the industry is best served by specialized services.

Edgar J. Asebey

Of Counsel
States Licensed: FL, D.C.


Edgar J. Asebey is a regulatory and transactional attorney with over two decades of experience in federal regulation of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, food, dietary supplement and cosmetics companies. Since 2015, he has been working on Cannabis-related matters and transactions and since 2018 he has provide regulatory compliance, business transactional, venture finance and international trade services to hemp/CBD companies. Edgar brings a wealth of knowledge and over 20 years of experience to life science, Cannabis and hemp/CBD clients who require novel solutions to complex issues.

Edgar practices before the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), representing client companies on regulatory compliance, product approval/registration and FDA enforcement defense matters. He also assists clients with international and domestic business transactions, IP licensing, venture finance, trademark protection and import/export matters.

Edgar studied molecular biology at the University of Chicago and spent 5 years working in molecular biology research laboratories at the University of Chicago and the University of Illinois.  Early in his career he served as a Patent and Licensing Advisor to the Natural Products Branch of the National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).  He founded and served as president of Andes Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a natural products drug discovery company, from 1994 to 2000 and has served as in-house counsel to two life sciences companies. Most recently he was an equity partner in the Health Care & Life Sciences Practice Group at Jones Day. Edgar is currently a partner at Keller Asebey Life Science Law, PLLC.

While Edgar holds licenses to practice law in Florida and Washington, D.C. he can represent clients on federal regulatory matters in all 50 states.  He is a member of the American Bar Association (Section on Administrative Law & Regulatory Practice: Food and Drug Committee and International Committee), Food & Drug Law Institute (FDLI), Dade County Bar Association, and BioFlorida.

Dan Miller

States Licensed: CA

Dan Miller, Esq., with over 15 years of experience in cannabis law and a growing expertise in psychedelics, is a staunch advocate for honoring both traditional and evolving regulated uses of these substances. A Vermont Law School alumnus (Class of 1998), he holds a J.D. and a Master’s in Environmental Law and Policy.

Before his foray into the world of entheogenic medicines, Dan honed his skills as a trial attorney with a focus on both criminal and civil cases. His passion for and in-depth understanding of cannabis and psychedelic substances redirected his career path, leading him to develop a niche practice area that has since become his hallmark.

Dan’s role in the cannabis industry is not just as a lawyer, but as a partner in his clients’ endeavors. He oversees all aspects of business development, from structural planning and licensing to adapting to dynamic legal landscapes. His strategic insights have been key in securing licenses, operational planning, and facilitating interstate business growth.

Dan continues to serve as outside general counsel for various businesses, leveraging his litigation background to offer comprehensive legal advice.

As the legal landscape continues to evolve, Dan Miller remains a steadfast and knowledgeable advocate, committed to bridging the gap between traditional use and modern regulatory frameworks in the world of cannabis and psychedelics.

States Licensed: CA

Christina Jaramillo

Junior Associate
States Licensed: FL, CA

Christina Jaramillo is an Associate Attorney at LumaLex Law and an active member of The Florida Bar. Christina’s primary focus has been in the practice area of business transactions. Christina has legal experience drafting and reviewing various sales and services agreements, completing entity filings and EIN applications, drafting corporate governance documents and business plans, preparing franchise disclosure documents, drafting and reviewing commercial and residential lease agreements, assisting with mergers and acquisitions, preparing demand letters, working on estate plans and probate matters, and trademarks. Prior to joining LumaLex Law, Christina led the estate planning department at The Law For All, P.A.

Christina is the daughter of two Latinx immigrants, the youngest of five siblings, and the first member of her immediate family to graduate from college. In 2017, after just three short years on campus, Christina received her Bachelor of Science in Political Science, magna cum laude, from Florida State University, where she also minored in Economics. Christina received her Juris Doctor, magna cum laude, from the University of Miami School of Law in 2020.

While attending the University of Miami School of Law, Christina received several honors: Christina was nominated to serve as one of two Articles & Comments Editors for the University of Miami International and Comparative Law Review; Christina was a recipient of the Dean’s Certificate of Achievement Award, which is awarded to the top one or two students in the course, in Legal Communications & Research II; and Christina made the Dean’s List twice.

During her time in law school, Christina served as a Fellow and Blog Editor for the Professional Responsibility and Ethics Program (PREP), an intern for the Human Rights Clinic, and a Civil Procedure Dean’s Fellow. Christina was active on campus and engaged in her community because she understood the value in connecting with those around her and serving the needs of her community, which remains true today.

In her free time, Christina can be found at her local comic book shop or vegan bakery. Christina loves to read, stay up to date on popular television shows and movies, watch soccer, and occasionally jog.

Andy Sick

States Licensed: NY, NJ, MI, CT

Andy Sick has been advising businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs for nearly 15 years. He assists clients through every stage of the business life cycle from incorporation and initial growth phases, to maturity with ongoing general counsel services including regulatory compliance and critical commercial transactions, and dissolution. Licensed to practice in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, Andy is the attorney responsible for the firm’s practice in these states.

At LumaLex Law, Andy represents various cannabis-related businesses on such matters as corporate structuring, licensing, and financing. He navigates clients through the constantly changing sea of cannabis rules and regulations. Andy handles marijuana license applications, business plans, and operating procedures for dispensaries, cultivators, nurseries, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, delivery services, and testing facilities. For the firm’s hemp industry clients, Andy helps obtain hemp licenses and maintain compliance with federal and state regulations. In the psychedelic space, Andy has served as a legal advisor to numerous non-profits, companies, and organizations including such groups as Decriminalize Nature and the Native American Church.

Andy began his legal career at boutique law firms serving as outside general counsel to businesses and representing clients in complex commercial litigation. Whether representing a three-person video game startup or a multinational spent nuclear fuel storage company, Andy worked directly with company presidents and other executives to develop and implement corporate legal strategies. Subsequently, he founded several startups, including a legal technology company that adapted artificial intelligence and virtual reality for use in the law. In addition to working with LumaLex Law, Andy has his own law firm, Sick Legal, which provides business and commercial transactional services to a range of clients.

During law school, Andy worked at the U.S. Justice Department’s Office of Consumer Litigation, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of New York, and for President Joe Biden when he served on the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee

Andy is responsible for firm operations in New York, New Jersey, Michigan, and Connecticut 

Amanda Barton

States Licensed: FL

Amanda Barton is an active member of the Florida Bar and is admitted to practice in all U.S. District Courts and U.S. Bankruptcy Courts within the state of Florida.  Amanda has over ten years of legal experience handling complex corporate matters, with a strong focus on corporate governance, corporate finance, and regulatory compliance.  As someone who loves written language, Amanda excels in drafting and negotiating a vast array of legal documents.

Prior to joining LumaLex Law, Amanda had unique legal opportunities that have made her a well-versed, seasoned transactional business attorney.  Previously, she led the transactional department at The Law for All, P.A., where she assisted business clients with strategic business structuring, mergers and acquisitions, asset protection, business succession planning, and contract drafting, including companies involved in the cannabis and hemp industry.  She served as senior in-house counsel for an alternative financing company, where she built a legal department that leveraged technology, data analysis, and innovative resolution and recovery strategies.  Amanda also served as in-house counsel to a private investment firm, where she handled all in-house transactions with a concentration in Debtor-in-Possession financing for Chapter 11 debtors, secured lending transactions, fund management, and various aspects of municipal bond financing.

Amanda currently volunteers her time to serve as the President of the Broward County chapter of CannabisLAB, a networking and education group for professionals who are in or are looking to get involved in the cannabis marketplace.


Managing Partner
States Licensed: FL

Dustin Robinson is the Founding Partner of LumaLex Law. Robinson is licensed in Florida as an Attorney, a Certified Public Accountant, and a Real Estate Agent. He focuses his practice on providing legal, accounting, financial, and business consultation to various small-to-mid-sized businesses.

Robinson has worked at one of the largest national accounting firms – Deloitte – as well as one of the largest national law firms – Holland & Knight. After working at Holland & Knight, Robinson applied his legal and accounting background in the business world while running a multi-state manufacturing company.

In addition to being the Founding Partner of LumaLex Law, Robinson is the founder of (1) Iter Investments – a venture capital fund deploying capital into innovative, alternative solutions for mental health; (2) Nucleus – a venture studio launching digital assets in the mental health space; (3) Mr. Cannabis Law – a consulting firm for the cannabis and psychedelic industries; and (4) Mr. Psychedelic Law – a non-profit focused on medical and spiritual research to drive responsible legal reform for psychedelic medicines and other entheogens. He is also on the Board of Directors for Clairvoyant Therapeutics – a biotech company taking psilocybin for alcohol use disorder through clinical trials.

Robinson is deeply involved in the cannabis industry through his consulting firm – Mr. Cannabis Law – and various cannabis-related organizations, including CannabisLAB, ASTM D-37 Global Standards for Cannabis, Leafstyle360, and Broward County Medical Marijuana Advisory Board. Robinson also serves as the Legal Director for NORML of Palm Beach; he is on the Legal Committee for the Florida Hemp Council; and he is on the Operations Sub-committee for Hemp Industries Association. As a member of the Board of Directors of Minorities for Medical Marijuana, Robinson advocates for social equity and inclusion in the cannabis industry. Robinson also represents various psychedelic non-profits including Mind Army and Ketamine Fund.

Robinson created a monthly panel that takes place at Soho Beach House Miami on the second Tuesday of every month. Moderated by Robinson, each panel features experts in the psychedelics space from CEOs, doctors, lawyers and celebrities. Robinson kicked off the first event of the series in July 2021 with NBA Champion Lamar Odom and “psychedelic concierge to the stars” Michael ‘Zappy’ Zapolin. His panels have included various other celebrities including NHL hockey star Daniel Carcillo and Real Housewives star Adriana De Moura.

Robinson has been regularly profiled and featured as an expert in the media, including in Bloomberg News, INSIDER, Dazed, Forbes, VICE, The Florida Bar, The Miami Herald, The Sun Sentinel, The Wall Street Journal, Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, Benzinga, StratCann and more.

He has led panels and presentations on cannabis and psychedelics at global industry events, including the PsyTech Summit, CBC Chatter by Coldwell Banker Commercial, and CanEx Jamaica Business Conference & Expo.

Robinson is a triple gator having earned his Bachelors in Accounting, Masters in Accounting, and Law Degree from University of Florida.